Friday, May 27, 2016

´´Here let me help you.´´ said Emily holding her brown hair, taking the old man's hand leading him across the road, her brother Toad (who  has black hair and blue eyes) standing next to her and of course her trusty dog Wolfy! (who’s brown with white spots,)
´´Here let me help you.´´ said Emily holding her brown hair, taking the old man's hand leading him across the road, her brother Toad (who  has black hair and blue eyes) standing next to her and of course her trusty dog Wolfy! (who’s brown with white spots,)
Once they crossed the road the old man said ´´Thank you,´´And he gave her a red magical fish and silver gold. ´´Thanks!´´ Emily said rushing to school because they were late.    

Finally, It was lunch time something mysterious was happening... There were animals everywhere in the lunchroom!! ´´Oh No!´´ hollered Emily, her friend Ella was screaming ‘’Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa Thereś a snake in my lunch!´´
While that was happening the bad guys stole the extra gold and fish from the mysteries man! So Emily quickly teleported there with the red magic fish and the silver gold when she got there she crushed the gold on the ground and threw the fish in the river. She quickly grabbed her phone out of her pocket and called the police. The police tried to catch them but couldn't because they were hiding in the forest but the mysteries man could see them and told the cops then the cops catched the bad guys!
Emily asked the old man if he could teleport her back to the lunchroom because her magic fish and gold fell in the river. He said yes so she went back to the lunchroom and  her friends asked her where she was and she said ´´Oh I was getting a drink.´´ ´´It was shere a long one.´´Said Ella and they all laughed together.                      The End!             

Judy Moody Girl Detective

If you like a series or funny stories or like mysteries you should read Judy Moody Girl detective.

She likes reading Nancy Drew so it gives her an super duper idea… To solve a mystery of missing Mr. chips (The police officers dog.) A police officer comes to visit the school but when his dog gets missing thereś only one person to call Judy Moody Girl Detective.

Find out if she finds Mr. chips!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

How I Broke My Arm

I was bouncing on the my trampoline and I wanted to get off but my neighbors were still bouncing and I fell off, I broke my arm But the good news was I got to get a red cast! I loved it even know I broke my arm there's always something good that happens. Like I got to get a red cast. But the bad news is I broke my arm so win win.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Jewel´s first sleepover with Sky

 The day arrived Jewelś first sleepover with Sky! She couldn't wait Sky was coming to her house! She waited for ten minutes and then couldńt  wait any more, and she couldńt wait until the sleepover, finally, she came ´´where were you?!´´ready to cancel the sleepover, ´´I had to go to my dance recital,´´ said Sky ready to faint. ´´Oh I never knew you took dance practice on Tuesdays!´´ said jewel come on are show you inside, ´´Wow´´ said sky ´´come on´´ said jewel. Once she was done with the tour they had a PILLOW FIGHT!!

Monday, May 9, 2016

    I live in Michigan in my new house something special about my house is that there is baby duck eggs  living by my pool. The bad news is that the mom duck left them so… I get to take care of them! If they're not dead.Another thing cool about my house is that we have a pool and there's a bunch of toads in our yard we already cached ten!! Thatś some reasons why my house is special!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

   One afternoon, Ena was helping her mother plant vegetables in the garden when she saw something move in the bushes. She  turned to see what caught her eye and it was… A Puppy! She couldn’t believe it a puppy got caught in the vines she quickly untied the puppy and brought him inside.  ‘’Mom look what I found a puppy! Can I have him? Please!’’  Ena said very excited, Mom replied sadly, ‘’Sorry We can’t keep him, sweetie.’’  ‘Why mom?’’ Ena said about ready to cry. You’ll have to convince your father, because I said no. ‘’Okay mom but how?’’ Ena asked, Talk to him about it. But while you wait go play with the puppy in your room. And just in case we keep him you can name him ‘’Thanks mom!’’ Ena said excitedly and ran to her room.                                                                                                                                              What should I name you how about ‘’Peanut!’’ Ena said but then changed her mind How about ‘’Jingles!’’ Ena said, yeah! Jingles. Finally, her dad came home and what do you Know he said… YES! Ena thanked him and hugged him and ran to go tell her mom Mom said great and they took him to the park.   

A New dog!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Parasailing in the ocean in Flordia

 I was high in the air! I was very very scared but having an amazing time I could see everything the ocean and the land and finally the water and of course my parents who were right next to me. Now I was settled  down and I loved being up there until... They were bringing us in and they dipped us in the water it was amazing. Finally he said to land, so we did and we were soaked. That was something I will never forget.